• Neo-Dynamo

    Towards a renewable and energized future

  • What We Do

    Project Description

    For the people, by the people

    To develop on existing methods or create alternative cost-efficient methods to assist third world countries in their daily lives, whether for washing clothes, travelling or sanitation. This would reduce the work and energy required by the people to do the menial labor and also preserve the lives of those suffering from the burning.

    Statement of Intent

    Why did we choose this project?

    Electricity is readily available to us in modern developed societies as we have both the technology and purchasing power to do so. We feel very blessed to have this and people in rural countries should possess the same benefits as us. They should not spend their lives worrying about trying to obtain basic necessities to secure a decent standard of living.

  • Who we are

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Ye Peng "Zachary"


    The high cost of electrical bill has always bothered me, it was what drove me to research about cheaper, alternative sources of energy. I was really amazed at how a household can be self-sustainable for electricity, by simply relying on solar power. I strongly believe that such a system can help lower cost of electrical bills and also bring electricity to less developed regions of the world.

    Julius William


    I’ve always been fascinated with the many characteristics of materials in the world that when creatively utilized, allows us to perform amazing feats such as the ability to produce electricity while consuming next to nothing. I dream of the day the world converts totally to the production of energy without harming our environment. What good would progress be if there is no one left to enjoy its benefits?

    Javier Tan


    Adventurous and enthusiastic, always looking for new things to try out and experiment on. I've always dreamed to make an impact in the society and to benefit those who lack the capability to do so. The world is now being destroyed by humans, and it is our responsibility to ensure that the world survives for the future generations.

    Tan Suan Yi


    We should all help to create better tomorrow for everyone!

    Ng Su Wen


    With global warming as the one of the key global problems we are all facing now, it is important for us to start living an environmentally-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. I hope to induce such lifestyle practice to the world, especially those living in the less developed regions so that everyone can enjoy a reliable source of energy without harming the environment.

  • Summer Discovery Plan

    Companies to reach out to

    We could reach out to Biofuelindustries on the processes on how they generate energy through biofuel. We can also approach EMA on the current renewable energy measures in place in Singapore.


    Journey to Innovation

    Convert waste/useless materials into biofuel. Some innovation opportunities could be stirling engines, already explored by the Oxford engineers. It makes use of the heat for many source to produce energy for further usage.


    We will be researching on the feasibility of implementing thermoelectric peltier generators in third world countries, on how effective their energy production is and if the conditions in the countries we want to implement it in is optimal for utilizing a thermoelectric peltier generator.

    Each of our individual direction

    We will split into two teams where one group will research further on the technicalities of the processes and another team to focus on the exploration of further feasible development


    In July, we will source and gather feedback on the practicality and feasiblity of our project and firm the direction we are working on. We will also liaise with the various companies and seek their advice on measures that have not succeeded. We will also create our proposal that we can present to companies who might be interested in working with us. In August, we will confirm and narrow down to exactly which type of energy/direction we will be taking, and affirm our project aim. Once done, we will then focus on the development and prototyping of the machines and generators that could aid in the production of renewable energy.


  • Potential Sponsors

    We've got a top notch team!


    The EMA is already focusing on developing a reliable energy supply to Singapore, they would definitely be looking for new ways to further reduce cost and increase production in Singapore. They might be able to provide us subsidies and grants that we could possibly implement in the future of Singapore.


    Sembcorp could be another sponsor contact. They have environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations embedded in their business decisions and processes. They believe that taking ESG considerations into account helps us understand our risks and responsibilities in a holistic manner. They also believe that when their strategy and business decisions incorporate ESG concerns, they are better prepared to respond to the challenges we face.

    Applied Materials Singapore

    Applied Materials Singapore specializes in modifying materials to enhance the efficiency of existing systems such as the modification of solar panels to better capture solar energy for use in producing electricity. We could work with them in discovering or innovating materials that could increase the energy production efficiency of machines that we want to implement.


    SunEdison is a company based in the US that aims to assist in the global transition to renewable energy production. They specialize in modifying and discovering existing materials and new materials to increase the energy production efficiency of wind turbines and solar panels.


    Sunseap is singapore's largest solar energy system developer, owner and operator. Sunseap operates through 3 key units; Sunseap Leasing, Sunseap International and Sunseap Energy. Sunseap Leasing is the first and largest solar leasing company in Singapore. It offers zero-cost installation and maintenance to relieve prospects of any upfront investment costs. Sunseap International targets international markets with a business model similar to Sunseap Leasing. Sunseap Energy provides clean energy solutions utilizing off-site arrangements by drawing on solar systems within the Group’s portfolio of distributed generation assets. This unique, fully licensed business model with an established base of generating capacity allow companies and organizations looking into sustainability to utilize clean energy even if their buildings are not suitable for on-site solar installations.